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Concessionaires, Exhibitors & Vendors
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This program has been designed for the concessionaires, vendors and exhibitors who are selling, displaying, demonstrating or promoting their products or services, on a short term basis at special events, malls, shopping centers, tradeshows, consumer shows or a location that is away from any owned or long term leased premises.  The insured operations can be conducted from a kiosk, booth, cart, trailer, tent or an outdoor area.

Coverage is provided by a carrier rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best Company.


Eligible Operations
- Antique & collectible vendors - Kitchen or cookware accessories or appliances
- Apparel & accessories - Lawn & garden equipment or hardware sales
- Arts & crafts vendors - Literature distribution
- Auto/vehicle accessories (non-mechanical) - Micro-reality race tracks
- Candles - Motorized equipment - static display
- Caterer (single event option only) - Produce & floral vendors
- Celebrity, mascot or character appearances - Product demos
- Cleaning accessories & products - Product or service display exhibits
- Exercise Equipment - Souvenir sales
- Food & drink concessionaires - Sports & camping equipment
- Game trailers or booths - Toys (for ages 5 and over)
- Gift wrap booths - Vehicle/boat display - static only
- Health & beauty products
- Home based wedding vendors (caterers, DJs, florists,
ice sculptors, decorators, photographers/videographers-  
single event option only)
Coverages Available & Program Highlights:    
General Liability Equipment & Contents
- Contractual Liability - $250-$2,500 Deductible (depends on limits)
- Personal & Advertising Injury - General Liability coverage must be purchased in
- $300,000 Damage to Premises Rented to You conjunction  with  the Equipment & Contents
- $5,000 Medical Payments - All items must be insured to 100% replacement
- Options available include: Single Event (one month or  cost value
  less), 3 Month Coverage, 6 Month Coverage
 and 12 Month Coverage
- Additional Insureds at no charge  
- No limit on number of shows during the 3-month, 6-month
  and annual coverage periods  
- No charge for Certificates of Insurance  
- Discounted rates for multiple booths  
Risks Not Eligible Under This Program: (Including but not limited to)
- Alcoholic beverage sales - Nutritional/health supplements (selling)
- Animals - On-site installation/service/repair of products
- Auto parts (mechanical) - On-site equipment sales or rental
- Body piercing or permanent tattooing - Oxygen/aromatherapy bar
- Christmas tree retail lots - Photographers (unless for a single event home-based
- Contractors (lighting, stage, sound, etc) wedding photographer)
- E-commerce selling - Protective equipment or apparel
- Fire safety equipment - Storefront operations
- Fireworks sales & displays - Tobacco products (including e-cigarettes/vapor products)
- Haunted attractions - Toys (for ages 4 and under)
- Hot wax impressions - Vehicles in motion
- Leasing/rental operations - Watercraft exhibits on water
- Mazes (corn, hay, fence) - Weapon sales
- Medical testing - Weight-loss plans or products (selling)
- Motorsports activities - Wholesale business operations
Notable Exclusions
- Abuse molestation, harassment, or sexual conduct - Animals - injury or death to, or injury, death or property
- Aircraft/hot air balloon damage caused by any animal owned, rented or hired by you
- Airport  - the ownership, operation, maintenance, or use - Asbestos
of any airfield or airport facility or premises.  This exclusion - Cryogenic chambers/therapy
does not apply to concessionaires, exhibitors or vendors - Employment-related practices
selling, displaying, demonstrating or promoting their products - Fireworks
or services at any airfield or airport facility or premises - Fungi or bacteria
- Amusement devices - the ownership, operation, maintenance - Lead
 or use of: any mechanical or non-mechanical ride, slide, or - Nuclear energy liability
waterslide, any inflatable recreational device, any bungee - Performers
operation or equipment, any vertical device or equipment - Rodeos
used for climbing - either permanently affixed or temporarily - Saddle animals
erected, or dunk tank.  Amusement devices do not include - Snowmobile
any video or computer games or structures that are not - Unmanned aircraft systems (e.g.: drones, RC aircrafts)
designed to bounce on, slide on, ride on or tunnel through - Violation of statutes that govern e-mails, faxes, phone calls
- or other methods of sending materials or information
Preliminary Underwriting Information Required
- K&K Applications