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​Recreation Programs Participant Accident

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Click the link below to open our PDF application. It's easy to complete and return using the instructions on the application.

Recreation Programs Application

Recreation Programs - Group Accident Medical

Recreational activities are a great way to relax. But sometimes accident happen. That's why we offer GrouProtectorSM group accident medical insurance - to give you peace of mind and help you keep activities fun and worry-free.

Our policy provides medical expense benefits as well as death and specific loss benefits to all participants and staff.

Providing options to build the best policy for your group.


Primary (first-to-pay) medical plan

-Ideal for groups with participants generally not covered by other insurance    
-Typically the first plan to pay claims after a covered event 
-Pays covered expenses regardless of other insurance coverage 
-Payments from other insurance coverage may be reduced in coordination with policy benefit limits 

Excess (next-to-pay) medical plan

-Ideal for groups with participants generally covered by other insurance    
-Typically the last plan to pay claims after a covered event 
-Will not pay covered expenses to the extent paid by other insurance coverage
-Essentially pays for other plans' deductibles and coinsurance
​-​Also pays remaining expenses after benefits are exhausted from other plans

Depending on coverage levels, availability of primary and excess plan can vary. Deductibles for excess coverage must be paid out-of-pocket and cannot be paid for by other insurance plans.

Covered members

You have two choices of who can be covered:
-Participants only                                            
 - Participants and staff                                                                                                      
Whichever option you choose, 100% of those individuals are covered.

Covered activities

-Recreation activities sponsored and directly supervised by the group are covered                                       
 - The activities must include arts and crafts 


Benefit Amounts 
Covered expenses are paid, up to the maximum benefit amount, starting within 90 days from an accident causing an injury
and up to 3 years after it.​
-​No deductible
​-$25,000 Medical expense benefit​ 
​-$5,000 to $7,500 Accident death benefit​ 
​-​$10,000 to $15,000 Specific loss benefit