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​Travel Accidental Death Insurance

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Click on the link below to open our PDF application. It's easy to complete and return using the instructions on the application.

Travel Accident Application


Travel Accidental Death Insurance

Traveling can be exciting and fun and full of adventures. But sometimes accidents happen. That's why we offer GrouProtectorSM travel accidental death insurance - to give you peace of mind and help you and your family keep the focus on having fun.

Our policy provides accidental death and specific loss benefits to you and your family.


Covered members

You can choose to cover just yourself or include your family members as well. Your coverage options are:          
-You & Your Children 
-You & Your Spouse 
​-You, Your Spouse, & Your Children 
Certain restrictions apply to both spouse and family coverage.  ​ ​


Types of travel that is covered

-As a pedestrian of you're struck by a motor vehicle on public roadways*  
 -  As the driver or passenger in a private passenger automobile* (not licensed to carry passengers for hire) 
​-​As a fare-paying passenger on a bus, ocean liner, powerboat, streetcar, subway, taxicab or train
​-​As a fare-paying passenger in a commercial aircraft like a helicopter or multi-engine aircraft (must be for civilian use and licensed to
​transport passengers for hire)
​-​As an aircraft passenger riding as a "space available" or "space required" passenger of the Air Mobility Command of the United States
​or a similar type service of any other recognized country.
​*For pedestrians and private passenger automobile travelers, benefits are reduced by 50% for accidents that occur on
​or after any insured person's 70th birthday.
Person(s) Insured Benefit Amount 
-​Primary Applicant (Air Travel) $200,000
​-Primary Applicant (Other Travel) $100,000​ 
​-Spouse $40,000​ 
​-​Child(ren) $12,000
Annual premium from $60 per year for applicant only to $84 per year for applicant, spouse and children.