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Amateur Sports- Teams, Leagues & Associations
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Amateur Sports- Teams, Leagues & Associations

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This program is designed for U.S.-based teams, leagues, clubs and associations conducting youth or adult amateur sports activities. Coverage provided under this program includes important liability protection for the organization, including its employees and volunteers, for liability claims arising out of its operations. For eligible sports and age groups reported to K&K, covered operations consist of your scheduled, sanctioned, approved, organized and supervised practices, try-outs, clinics, games, play-offs and tournaments in which you participate or host. In addition, coverage is provided for your registrations, meetings, concession stand operations, parades in which you participate, picnics, award banquets and ceremonies and incidental fund-raising activities involving the sale of products, coupons, raffle tickets and services, such as; car washes, bake sales and coin drops for those sports and age groups reported to us.

Note: Sports organizations that may not be eligible for the program outlined below and/or have more complex coverage needs should visit our Amateur Sports Associations program administered in our Sports Unit.

Eligible Operations

Operations providing instruction, practice, and competition in the following sports and age groups are eligible for this program, with coverage to be provided based on Class A or Class B classifications.

- Amateur Sports Recreational Adult/Youth Leagues- Amateur Sports Recreational Teams
- Amateur Sports Instructional Programs

Class A Sports

-Box Lacrosse-Lacrosse (age 20 & over)
-Broomball-Roller hockey (inline)
-Diving-Umpire/referee associations for Class A Sports
-Dodgeball-Water Hockey (age 20 & over)
-Gymnastics-Water Polo (age 20 & over)
-Ice Hockey-Weightlifting (age 20 & over)
​-​Inline Hockey​-​Wrestling (age 20 & over)
​-Inline Skating (speed)
Class B Sports
-Baton twirling-Team handball
-Dance team (age 19 & under)-Track & field
-Drill team (age 19 & under)-Ultimate frisbee
-Flag/touch football-Umpire/referee associations for Class B sports
-Golf-Water polo (age 19 & under)
-Kickball-Weightlifting (age 19 & under)
Class C Sports​ ​ ​ ​
​-​Cheerleading (age 19 & under)-​​Soccer (age 19 & under)
​-​Deck/floor/street hockey​-​Tackle & contact football (age 19 & under)
​-​Field hockey​-​Umpire/referee associations for Class C sports
​-​Lacrosse (age 19 & under)​-​Water hockey (age 19 & under)
​-Roller hockey (quad)​-​Wrestling (age 19 & under)

Ineligible Operations

-BMX/Stunt Cycling-Mixed martial arts
-Boating activities/sports-Open water sports/activities
-Cheerleading (age 20 & over)-Shooting Sports
​-​Dance team (age 20 & over)​-​Skiing (snow or water)
-Drill team (age 20 & over)-Soccer (age 20 & over)*
-Equestrian-Strength & Conditioning
- Gymnastics/cheer/dance/martial arts studios-Surfing
-Inline extreme/stunt/aggressive/free-style skating-Tackle and Contact Football (age 20 & over)
-Intercollegiate/Interscholastic Teams, Leagues and 
*Contact us regarding our new program designed specifically for adult soccer teams, leagues and associations.

Sports Groups that are affiliated with the following organizations are Not eligible for this program but may contact our Sports Unit.

-Dixie Youth Baseball
-American Youth Football-Pop Warner                           
-Babe Ruth/Cal Ripken Baseball-​Soccer Association for Youth, USA (SAY Soccer)               
​-​Babe Ruth Softball​-U.S. Youth Soccer Association
-Dixie Boys Baseball-USA Water Polo
-Dixie Softball-World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA®)

Coverages Available

Commercial General Liability Optional Coverages Available
-Bodily Injury & Property Damage-Directors' & Officers' Liability including Employment
-Medical Payments for Participants (not available for all sports)  Practices Liability                       
-Personal & Advertising InjuryEquipment & Contents (Inland Marine)              
-Medical Expense (other than participants) -Hosted Tournament Coverage
-Damage To Premises Rented to You 
-Products-Completed Operations 

-Legal Liability to Participants (not available for all sports)
-Professional Liability (not available for all sports) 
-Hired Auto and Employers Nonownership Liability (not 
provided while in Hawaii)                      

Program Features

Owners of premises and financial sponsors may be named as additional insureds for claims arising out of your operations. There is no additional premium charge or fees for certificates of insurance evidencing this coverage.
Coverage can be provided to tournaments you host that include participants that are not registered members of your organization. An additional fee will apply.

Notable Exclusions

-24-hour Premises Liability-Fungi or Bacteria
-Abuse, Molestation, harassment or sexual conduct-Haunted Attractions
-All operations listed as ineligible-Lead
-Amusement Devices (e.g.: rides, slides, inflatables,-Non-rostered participants at tournaments
bungees, climbing walls, or dunk tanks)hosted by the insured
-Asbestos-Operation, ownership, or management of any athletic field
-Baby-Sitting/Child Care Servicesor facility, other than while being used for covered activities
-Carnivals/Festivals-​Outside vendors/concessionaires in conjunction with your
​-Communicable Diseasesorganization
-​Concerts-Sport Events/Activities involving participants in sports other
-Cryogenic chambers/therapythan those reported and for whom a premium has been paid
-Employment-Related Practices-Transportation of Athletes/Participants
-Events involving Gambling (e.g.: bingo, casino nights,-Violation of statutes that govern e-mails, faxes, phone
poker, Texas hold'em tournaments)calls or other methods of sending materials or information
-Events where alcohol is furnished or served

Underwriting Information Required

-Completed and signed enrollment form
-Full payment by check or credit/debit card
- NOW AVAILABLE - Buy Coverage On-line and receive your coverage documents immediately, upon completion of the application and payment!