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Catastrophic Athletic Accident Medical Insurance
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Catastrophic Athletic Accident Medical Insurance

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Intercollegiate/Club/Intramural Sports - Catastrophic Athletic Accident Medical

The catastrophic athletic injury insurance program is designed to cover catastrophic injury costs which exceed the greater
of (a) the limits of other regular athletics accident coverage, in either dollar amount or benefit period, and (b) the deductible
amount, provided such costs are not reimbursable from any other sources.

Coverage is offered to the following:

  • Intercollegiate sports programs at NAIA, NJCAA and Independent Colleges/Universities
  • Club Sports programs and Intramural Sports Programs

Program is not available in the following states:  California, Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio,
South Dakota and Washington.

Request for Coverage Forms:​
NAIA, NJCAA or Independent School Intercollegiate Sports​Club Sports for Colleges and Universities​​
​​Intramural Sports for Colleges and Universities
Eligible Persons
All student athletes, student athletic managers and student athletic trainers whose names are on the Official Team Roster of your sponsored and supervised sports teams.  
Covered Activities
Taking part in the play or practice of an intercollegiate, club or intramural sport. Such play or practice must be under the direction and immediate supervision of a regularly employed coach, trainer or other official designated by the Plan Sponsor's athletic department or while traveling as a team member of a group to or from such activity. Such travel must be under the direction and supervision of a coach, trainer or other official designated by the Plan Sponsor. Coverage for intramural sports is limited to game competition only. Practice and travel are not covered.​
General Description of Coverage​
The deductible is reduced or offset by amounts paid by other insurers or benefits plans. Benefits are paid regardless of liability. 
No waiver/release is required to receive such benefits.  Maximum benefit limit of $5,000,000.
1.Accident medical expense benefit:  100% of reasonable, customary and necessary covered expenses
2.$25,000 Accident Medical Deductible 
3.Two (2) incurral periods in which to meet the deductible
4.$10,000 Accidental Death and Specified Loss
5.10 Year Benefit Period
6.$500,000 Catastrophe Cash Benefit - Optional*
*Catastrophe Cash Benefit is payable as the result of a covered injury, the Insured Person sustains Paralysis, Coma or Brain Death.
The Paralysis, Coma or Brain Death must begin within 90 days of the date of accident and continue for a period of 6 consecutive months.     
The Paralysis, Coma or Brain Death must be diagnosed by the attending Physician, and be medically determined to be permanent
and irrecoverable.       
Maximum Amount(s) Percentage of Cause of Disability​ ​
Coma 100% 
Paralysis of Two or More Limbs (Upper and/or Lower)100%
​Brain Death 100%​ ​
Paralysis of One Limb (Upper or Lower)50%
Catastrophe Cash Benefit Payout Structure:​ ​
$500,000 payable - $100,000 following 6 months from date of injury, $3,333 every month thereafter for 120 months.​ ​
​ ​
All intercollegiate sports in the Policyholders program are covered; however, premiums for each member institution are
​based upon the number of high risk sports sponsored by that institution.  (See Request for Coverage for details)
Institutions may enroll in the Catastrophic Athletics Injury Insurance Program by completing and forwarding a Request for
Coverage form located at the top of this page.  K&K will notify the Insured within three working days whether or not coverage
has been approved by the carrier. If approved, K&K will issue a binder and invoice for the appropriate premium. For more information,
please contact K&K Insurance Group, Inc. at 800/441-3994.