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This program is designed for the concessionaires, vendors and exhibitors who are selling, displaying, demonstrating or promoting their
products or services, on a short term basis at special events, malls, shopping centers, tradeshows, consumer shows, or a location that is
away from any owned or long term leased premises.  The insured operations can be conducted from a kiosk, booth, cart, trailer, tent or
an outdoor area.

Eligible Operations
- Antiques & collectibles
- Home based vendors (caterers, DJs, florists,
- Apparel & accessories
ice sculptors, decorators, photographers/videographers-
- Arts & crafts

single event option only)
- Auto/vehicle accessories (non-mechanical)
- Kitchen or cookware accessories or appliances (no knives)
 - Candles
- Lawn & garden equipment
- Caterer (single event option only)
- Literature distribution
- Celebrity, mascot or character appearances
- Micro-reality race tracks
- Cleaning accessories & products
- Motorized equipment - static display
-Exercise equipment
- Product demonstrations
-​Product or service displays
- Food, drink and produce sales
  -Souvenir sales
-Game trailers or booths
-Sports & camping equipment
-Gift wrap booths
-Toys (for ages 5 and over)
-Hardware sales
Vehicle/boat display - static only
Health & beauty products

Coverages Available & Program Highlights:    
General Liability Equipment & Contents
- Contractual Liability -$250-$2,500 deductible (depends on limits)
- Personal & Advertising Injury General Liability coverage must be purchased in
- $300,000 Damage to Premises Rented to You conjunction  with  the Equipment & Contents
- $5,000 Medical Payments -All items must be insured to 100% replacement cost
- Options available include: Single Event (one month or   value
  less), 3 Month Coverage, 6 Month Coverage
and 12 Month Coverage
- Additional Insureds at no charge  
- No limit on number of shows during the 3-Month, 6-month  
  and annual coverage periods  
- No charge for Certificates of Insurance
- Discounted rates for multiple booths    
Risks Not Eligible Under This Program: (Including but not limited to)
- Alcoholic beverages - selling or furnishing- Nutritional/health supplements (selling)
- Animals- On-site installation/service/repair of products
-​Any games that involve person-to-person contact-​On-site equipment sales or rental ​
-​Art Exhibits - over 10 feet tall or occupying more than 100 sq ft- Oxygen/aromatherapy bar
(unless reviewed and approved by the program administrator)- Paintball equipment/accessories
- Auto parts (mechanical)- Photographers (unless for a single event home-based
- Body piercing or permanent tattooing​wedding photographer)
​-Christmas tree retail lots-​Protective equipment or apparel
- Contractors (lighting, stage, sound, etc)-Storefront operations
- ​Cryogenic chambers/therapy- Tobacco, Cannabis or Cannabis related products
- E-commerce selling(including e-cigarettes/vapor products)
- Fire safety equipment- Toys (for ages 4 and under)
- Fireworks sales & displays- Unmanned aircraft systems (e.g.: drones, RC aircrafts)
- Haunted attractions- Use of and/or sales of weapons (such as: guns, axes, knives,
​-Hot wax impressions​​swords, tasers, defense sprays)
-Leasing/rental operations-Vehicles in motion
-Mazes (corn, hay, fence)-Watercraft exhibits on water
-Medical testing-Weight-loss plans or products (selling)
-Motorsports activities -Wholesale business operations
​ ​ ​ ​
Notable Exclusions ​ ​ ​
​ ​ ​ ​
​-​Abuse, molestation or exploitation
-​Cap on losses from certified acts of terrorism
​-​Aircraft/hot air balloon
Commercial general liability standard exclusions
​-​Airport - the ownership, operation, maintenance, or use
(CG0001 4/13 edition)
​of any airfield or airport facility or premises. This exclusion​-​​Communicable diseases
​does not apply to concessionaires, exhibitors or vendors​-Cyber incident, data compromise, and violation of statutes
​selling, displaying, demonstrating or promoting their products
related to personal data
​or services at any airfield or airport facility or premises​-Dunk tank
​-​Amusement devices - the ownership, operation, maintenance, ​-Employment related practices
​or use of any device or equipment a person rides for enjoyment
including, but not limited to: mechanical or non-mechanical ride,
​-Fungi or bacteria
slide or water slide (including any ski or tow when used in 
​-Haunted attraction
conjunction with a water slide); inflatable recreational device
or vertical device or equipment used for climbing, whether 
​-Nuclear energy
permanently affixed or temporarily erected. This exclusion
does not apply to video or computer games or structures that
are not designed to bounce on, slide on, ride on or tunnel through
​Saddle animal
-​​Sexually transmitted disease
-​​Silica or silica-related dust

-​​Specified recreational vehicles and activities

​Total pollution with a building heating, cooling & dehumidifying

​equpment exception and hostile fire exception

-​​Unmanned aircraft
Preliminary Underwriting Information Required
- Applications
- Coverage will be bound for your requested dates upon receipt and approval of your completed enrollment form and