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This insurance program is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of a U.S.-based dance instructor directly supervising an individual or a group engaged in dance activities.     
Coverage is provided by a carrier rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best Company.

This program does not provide coverage for the operation, ownership or maintenance of a fitness, sports or dance facility.  For information regarding coverage for a facility, please call 1-800-447-6797.

We're happy to advise that coverage does extend to virtual training provided by you (the named insured) to your clients. The intention of the policy is to provide coverage for instruction/training under your direct supervision or organized by you, including material created by you that is accessible to your clients only (through a private platform such as a password protected website or a closed Facebook group) - Coverage does not extend to any training material that is accessible to the general public.

We expect that all reasonable precautions will still be taken when you are assessing potential new clients online, including but not limited to: health assessments, waivers/release forms, and interviews with clients prior to instruction or training. We encourage our clients to consult with their attorney to consider special waiver/release agreements that will apply specifically to virtual training. 

Please note, virtual training/instruction does not extend to any training/instruction that includes gymnastic apparatuses, tumbling, or stunting (including pyramids), or in-water activities.  We do not provide coverage for cyber liability, so if you are taking payment or collecting personal information online and it is compromised, there would be no coverage under the general liability policy.  

Eligible Operations
A U.S.-based instructor age 18 or older conducting private or group instruction in the following dance activities is eligible to enroll in this program.
- Acro dance/tumbling - Irish
- Ballet- Jazz
- Ballroom- Latin
Belly dancing
- Modern
- Clogging - Salsa
- Contemporary- Scottish
- Country western- Square
- Cultural/ethnic- Swing
- Flamenco- Tango
- Folk dancing - Tap
-Hawaiian- Tumbling (floor only, no gymnastic apparatus)
-​Hip Hop-​​ZUMBA ®
Ineligible for this program:
Certain operations are not eligible for coverage by this program.  We reserve the right to decline any request for coverage.  The ineligible operations include, but are not limited to the following (and are excluded from coverage):
- Instructors under the age of 18 
- Instructor's employment as an exempt or a non-exempt employee of a school, university or college
Liability Coverage
General liability coverage protects you if you are legally obligated to pay damages for bodily injury to others and for damage to the property of others resulting from your dance instruction activities. The policy also provides coverage (professional liability) for wrongful acts (breach of duty, neglect, error, omission, misstatement or a misleading statement in the discharge of dance activities) that occur as a result of your instruction activities.
General Liability  
- Bodily Injury and Property Damage - Products-completed Operations
-Personal and Advertising Injury- Legal Liability to Participants
-Damage to Premises Rented to You-Professional Liability
-Abuse, Molestation, Harassment or Sexual Conduct - Medical Expense (other than participants)
  Defense Cost Reimbursement (up to $100,000)
Notable Exclusions
The following represent only some of the exclusions contained in the policy.
- Abuse, molestation, harassment or sexual conduct-Operation, ownership or management of a fitness,
- Amusement devices (e.g. rides, slides, inflatables,dance or sports facility
bungees, climbing walls, dunk tanks)Physicals/stress testing
​-​Communicable Diseases​-​Physical therapy, massage or salon services​
-​​Cryogenic chambers/therapy-​Sale or distribution of herbal, medicinal and/or
​-​Cycling (other than stationary)nutritional products
-Employment-related practices-Those operations listed as ineligible
-Instruction/activity being held on or in open water-Violation of statutes that govern e-mails, faxes, phone calls-
(e.g.: lakes, ponds, ocean)or other methods of sending materials or information
-Medical, therapy or health care services