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Amateur Sports - Tournaments & Events
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This program is designed to provide coverage on a short term basis for a single amateur sports tournament or event. Coverage provided under this program includes important liability coverage for the U.S.-based organization conducting the event(s), including the employees and volunteers, for liability claims arising out of its operations. Coverage is also included for ancillary activities (banquets, concerts, awards ceremonies) that are for those participants in your sports tournament(s) or event(s). 


Eligible Operations

An amateur sports tournament or event that meets all of the following criteria is eligible to submit an enrollment form for coverage under this program:

  • Maximum number of participants is 2,500
  • Maximum spectator attendance per day is 7,500
  • Maximum number of event days (including practice days) is 14 days (not including set-up and tear down)
  • The sport activity being conducted falls into one of the listed eligible classes:
    Class 1:
    Bowling, Dance, Golf, Tennis, Volleyball
    Class 2: Baseball, Kickball, Softball
    Class 3: Basketball, Flag or Touch Football, On-Shore Fishing, Racquetball, Swimming
    Class 4: Cheerleading (age 19 & under), Deck/floor/street hockey, Field hockey, Lacrosse (age 19 & under), Roller hockey (quad), Soccer (age 19 & under), Tackle & Contact football (age 19 & under), Water hockey (age 19 & under), Wrestling (age 19 & under).
    Class 5:  Box lacrosse, Cheerleading (age 20 & over), Diving, Dodgeball, Gymnastics, Ice Hockey, In-line hockey, Lacrosse (age 20 & over), Martial arts, Inline skating (speed/racing), Soccer (age 20 & over), Speed/racing skating (ice), Water hockey (age 20 & over).
Ineligible Operations
  • Events involving animals other than service animals
  • Professional sports events, tryouts and training camps/clinics
  • College or university level championship events
  • Glow runs/color runs/similar type events or runs
  • Highland games
  • Sanctioned USA Hockey tournaments & events
  • Mud runs/warrior runs/zombie runs/obstacle course runs/urbanathons (competitions, exhibitions or footraces that involve man-made obstacle courses, man-made mud pits, man-made slippery slopes, wall climbs or other similar man-made obstacles)
  • Events in the following sport categories (Note: This is not a complete listing of ineligible sports):
- Adventure races- Mountain Biking and/or hiking
- BMX Biking - Open Water Event
- Boxing - Rugby
- Cycling - Skateboarding
- Endurance races- Skiing (snow or water)
- Equestrian - Snowboarding
- Inline (extreme/stunt/aggressive/free-style) skating- Streetball
- Kite Surfing  - Tackle and Contact Football (over age 19)
-Marathons (26.2 miles or more)-Triathlons & Duathlons
-Mixed Martial Arts -Wrestling (age 20 & over)

Coverages Available

Commercial General Liability Optional Coverages
- Bodily Injury & Property Damage   -Sexual Abuse, Molestation, Harassment or Sexual Conduct
- Personal & Advertising Injury Defense Cost Reimbursement Coverage
- Medical Expense (other than participants)   -Sexual Abuse or Sexual Molestation Liability
- Damage To Premises Rented to You (Fire Legal Liability)   
- Products-completed Operations    
- Legal Liability to Participants (not available for all sports)    
- Medical Payments for Participants (not available for all sports)    

Program Features

Owners of premises and financial sponsors may be named as additional insureds for claims arising out of your operations. There is no additional premium charge or fees for certificates of insurance evidencing this coverage.

Notable Exclusions

- 24-hour premises liability- Legal liability to participants coverage and medical
-Abuse, molestation, harassment or sexual conductpayments coverage for professional athletes and celebrity
- Amusement devices (e.g.: rides, slides, inflatables,(national/local) participants
bungees, climbing walls, or dunk tanks)- Nuclear energy
- Ancillary activities that require a separate admission charge-Operations of independent concessionaires, exhibitors,
and are open to the publicand vendors at your event
- Asbestos-Pollution
​-​Communicable Diseases​-​Room & board liability
- Cryogenic chambers/therapy-Those operations listed as ineligible
- Employment-related practices- Violation of statutes that govern e-mails, faxes, phone calls
- Fireworksor other methods of sending materials or information
- Fungi or bacteria
​-​Haunted attractions

Underwriting Information Required

The following information is required 10 business days prior to the desired effective date:
- Completed and signed enrollment form  
- Full Payment by check or credit/debit card