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This insurance program has been specifically designed for entertainers and performers who work on an independent contractor basis entertaining at local fairs, festivals, special events, private parties, convention or tradeshow booths. Coverages provided under this program include important liability protection for the performer for liability claims arising out of their operations.

The following criteria must be met to be eligible for consideration of coverage under this program:

  • Entertainer or performer must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Annual gross income from the performer's activities can not exceed $100,000

NOTE:  This program only provides coverage for your individual operations as an entertainer/performer.  The policy does not extend coverage for activities conducted by employees or anyone else assisting or performing on your behalf.

Eligible Operations
This list does not encompass all entertainers/performers that may be eligible for coverage. If the type of entertainer or performer is not listed in the eligible or ineligible listing, please contact our office for classification.
- Actor Portraying Historical Person (Actual or - Juggler
Fictional) - Magician
- Balloon artist
- Mime
- Belly dancer - Musician, singer or vocalist
- Caricature sketching
- Poet
- Celebrity Look-a-like
- Psychic/fortune teller
- Clown - Public speaker (subject to review and approval by us)
- Comedian - Puppeteer
- Conductor
- Story teller
- Contortionist - Theatrical performer (single event option only)
- Trade show/promotional model (subject to review and
- Face/Body painter (FDA approved/compliant paint only)
approval by us)
- Holiday character
- Ventriloquist
​-​Western performer

Ineligible Operations

- Acrobatic/Aerialist performer - Performer putting on an athletic exhibition
- Actor or actress
- Performer using weapons (with live ammunition
- Circus performer
or sharpened blades)
- Cosmetologist/Beautician
- Permanent tattoo artist/body piercing artist
- Escape artist
- Production/entertainment companies
- Exotic dancer
- Public speaker (unless reported and approved by us)
- Fire handler
- Pyrotechnician
- Group acts or bands
- Rap, hip hop, electronic/techno or heavy metal/screamo
 - Henna/Mehndi artist
musical entertainer, performer or DJ
- Hypnotist
- Strength performer
- Jouster
- Stripper
- Mascot (college, high school, professional) - Stunt performer
- Model (unless reported and approved by us)
- Touring entertainer/performer

Coverages Available

Commercial General Liability
- Bodily Injury and Property Damage    
- Medical Expense    
- Damage To Premises Rented to You    
- Products-completed Operations    
- Bodily Injury to Participants    
- Medical Payments for Participants    
- Enhancement Endorsement Included

Notable Exclusions:

- Abuse or molestation or exploitation
- Sexually transmitted diseases
- Any events or activities involving or promoting tobacco or
- Silica or silica-related dust

- Specified recreational activities - Aircraft/hot air balloon; 
- Asbestos

Airport; Amusement device: the ownership, operation, 
Athletic activity

maintenance or use of any device or equipment a person
Body surfing and/or mosh pits
rides for enjoyment, including, but not limited to: mechanical
Cap on losses from certified acts of terrorism
or non-mechanical ride, slide or water slide (including any ski
Commercial general liability standard exclusions

or tow when used in conjunction with a water slide), inflatable
(CG0001 4/13 edition)

recreational device, or vertical device or equipment used for
- Communicable diseases

climbing whether permanently affixed or temporarily erected.
Cyber incident, data compromise and violation of statutes

This exclusion does not apply to video or computer games; 

related to personal data

Animals (injury or death to, or injury, death or property 
- Employment related practices
damage caused by any animal owned, rented or hired by you.
​-Events hosted/organized by the entertainer/performer
However, rabbits, doves, mice, hamsters, non-venomous/
- Fireworks (However, this exclusion does not apply to 

non-constricting snakes and dogs weighing less than 15 lbs

flashboxes. As used in this environment, flashboxes means 
are covered for the liability arising out of the insured's 

any device used to create a visual effect along with an 
operations that include the use of these animals); Bungee;

​explosive noise that is induced electronically in a cylinder
​Dunk tank; Haunted attraction; Performer ("bodily injury" or

​with no projectile, wadding, or wrapping)
​"personal and advertising injury" to any performer or 
​Full body art/painting
​entertainer during any activity, event or exhibition including,
​Fungi or bacteria
​but not limited to, any stunt, concert, show or theatrical 
​Historical battle reenactments
​event); Rodeo; Saddle animal; Snowmobile
​Hot wax impressions
-​​Those operations listed as ineligible
-​​Throwing of object(s) into the audience during a performance
​Nuclear energy
-​​Total pollution with a building heating, cooling & dehumidifying
​Ownership of a facility for performances
​equipment exception and hostile fire exception
​Personal and advertising injury
​Unmanned aircraft

Use of any substance to paint or apply on the face

or body that is not classified as non-toxic and/or

​manufactured using only FDA compliant ingredients

Preliminary Underwriting Information Required
The following information is required 10 business days prior to the desired effective date:
- Completed and signed enrollment form    
- Full payment by check or credit/debit card