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Fitness Insurance
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Fitness Facility – Eligibility
Desired effective date:
(You may specify any day from 04/22/2024 to 10/22/2024)  
In what state is the insured’s business mailing address? ( what's this? )
Where is the insured's primary location or facility?
Are representatives of your business on site during all open hours at all locations?
Are patrons under the direct supervision of an instructor or trainer at all times during activities and/or are operations exclusively circuit training? ( what's this? )
  Provide the total square footage of each leased/owned facility:  
Facility Square Footage   
Facility #1
What is the total annual sales/revenue for all locations? ( what's this? )
Are all instructors employees of the Named Insured’s business?
If you are a new account, is the current carrier non-renewing coverage?
Have any liability claims been paid under the facility's insurance coverage in the last three years?