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Events Insurance
Phone 1-408-286-1111
Fax 1-408-217-2383
Claims 1-800-237-2917
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Concessionaires/Exhibitors/Vendors- Eligibility
Please select all types of products and/or services sold, displayed, demonstrated or promoted by the concessionaire, exhibitor or vendor.
Antiques & collectibles
Food/drink/produce sales
Micro reality race tracks
Apparel & accessories
Game trailers
Motorized equipment–static display
Arts & crafts
Gift wrap booths
Product demonstrations
Auto/vehicle accessories (non-mechanical)
Hardware sales
Product/service displays
Book sales
Health & beauty products
Souvenir sales
Home-based vendor
Sports & camping equipment
Cleaning accessories & products
Kitchen or cookware accessories or appliances (no knives)
Toys (for ages 5 and over)
Exercise equipment
Lawn & garden equipment
Vehicle/boat-static display
Literature distribution
*If the insured’s types of products or services are not listed above, DO NOT CONTINUE. Please contact our office for confirmation of eligibility at 1-408-286-1111