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Frequently Asked Questions
Martial Arts:
How soon does coverage start? When will we receive proof of coverage?
Coverage can be bound the date after we receive a completed enrollment form and the appropriate premium. Please allow adequate time for us to process your enrollment form and issue certificates.
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Can I apply for coverage over the telephone?
Unfortunately, we are not able to accept your enrollment information over the telephone. You can apply for coverage by completing the enrollment form and submitting it to K&K via e-mail, fax or mail.
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I need to receive a quote from your company, how do I do this?
This program does not offer quotes, as the rates are provided for you within this brochure. Simply complete the premium calculation on page 7 to determine your annual premium and then remit your completed enrollment form with payment to begin coverage. Please note, we cannot bind coverage until the day after we receive both your completed enrollment form and the appropriate payment.
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We are a newly formed school and we are not sure how many students we will have, how should I report my student count?
You need to report the number of students you project to have within an annual term. You may add additional students at any time by using the martial arts supplemental form.
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Do you provide coverage for mixed martial arts?
Under this program we are not able to provide coverage for mixed martial activities such as ultimate fighting, muay thai or cage fighting; however, if your terminology for mixed martial arts means that you instruct a combination of styles that are eligible under this program (ie: karate, taekwondo and judo) then your school or organization would be eligible for coverage with this program.
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If I have both contact and non-contact kickboxing at my school, which option do I choose?
You would need to choose option 2.
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Am I allowed to transport students to activities such as classes, tournaments or exhibitions?
This insurance program does not provide coverage for the transportation of students. Should the transportation of students be necessary for your operation, we suggest that you consult a licensed insurance agent in your area to provide you with commercial automobile coverage for this type of exposure.
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What is a minimum premium?
A minimum premium is the least amount of premium you will be charged for your insurance coverage. For example, if the calculated premium for your school or organization is less than the minimum premium, the amount due will be the minimum premium. If the calculated premium for your school or organization exceeds the minimum, the total calculated premium is the minimum premium due.
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I have been asked by my landlord or sponsor to add them as an “additional insured” to my policy. What does this mean?
An additional insured is an entity which has an insurable interest for claims arising out of your negligence as the named insured. By providing an entity additional insured status, they are now entitled to defense and indemnity (if policy limits have not been exhausted) under your policy with no responsibility for premium payments.
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How do I add another entity or organization as an additional insured to my policy?
You may add an entity as an additional insured under the certificate request section of the enrollment form. Please make sure to check the box in the certificate request area noted “additional insured”, and provide their entire name, address and relationship to you.
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Will we receive a policy after submitting the enrollment form?
In the past you would receive a fully worded certificate which provided you with a copy of a certificate of insurance and any specific forms that applied to your school or organization. This year, you will receive only a certificate of insurance as proof of coverage. Coverage offered under this program is exclusively through Sports, Leisure and Entertainment Risk Purchasing Group (PG). The PG receives a master policy from the company. Submission of this enrollment form confirms your desire to receive coverage through the PG. Each member will receive their own certificate of insurance as their evidence of coverage. The limits of insurance apply individually to each insured member organization-there are no shared limits of liability with any other members. A copy of the PG master policy can be requested in writing to: K&K Insurance Group, Inc., 1712 Magnavox Way, Fort Wayne, IN 46804.
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