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Short Term Special Events
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This insurance program has been specifically designed for the organizers of short term special events that meet the following criteria:

  • Maximum total attendance is 3,000 or less.
  • Maximum number of consecutive event days (not including set-up or tear down) is 10.
  • Event is held at a single location.
  • Event location must be held in the U.S.
Eligible Operations
- After prom parties (school-sponsored event only) - Flea markets or swap meets
- Auctions - Food cooking contests
- Award presentations - Graduation ceremonies
- Ball/dances - Job fairs
- Banquets - Lectures/seminars/workshops
- Bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah - Meetings
- Bazaars - Memorial services
- Benefits - Pageants
- Billiard events/tournaments - Parties
- Bingo games (for charity/fundraising only) - Picnics (no in or on water activities)
- Book signings - Poet or poetry readings
- Card games/events (for charity/fundraising only) - Proms
- Car washes (for charity/fundraising only) - Quinceanera
- Casino events (for charity/fundraising only) - Recitals (dance, music)
- Celebrations (holiday, New Year) - Religious events
- Chamber of commerce business event/mixer - Reunions
- Charity events - Sales (bake, charity, consignment, estate, garage)
- Chess events - School band or drill team competitions
- Christmas caroling (single location) - School carnivals (no rides/inflatables)
- Christmas lighting ceremony Showers (baby, bridal, wedding)
 - Conventions - Shows (animals-arena setting only, antique, art,
 - Debuts or debutante balls baby, business, collector, consumer, craft, fashion,
 - Dinners, luncheons or showers flower, garden, home, stage, wedding)
- Direct selling consultant parties - Social gatherings or receptions
- Easter egg hunts - Speaking engagements
- Farmers' markets - Talent search/shows - children only
- Festivals - Telethons
- Film screenings or showings - Theatrical performances or musicals
  - Walking tours (garden holiday, parade of homes,
historical sites) - single location
- Wedding activities (rehearsal, ceremony or reception)

Ineligible for this program:

Certain event types are not eligible for coverage by this program. We reserve the right to decline any request for coverage.
The ineligible event types include, but are not limited to the following (and are excluded from coverage):
- Activist rallies, marches or literature distribution - Fraternity or sorority events*
- Airshows - Geocaching events
- Animal obedience training - Gun and/or knife shows
- Athletic events and competitions* - Haunted attractions
- Bonfires - Health fairs or shows
- Cannabis related events - Historical battle reenactments
​-​Car/Motorcycle/RV/Boat shows*-​In-or-on water activities
- Cinematography and photography for commercial use - Mazes (corn/hay/fences) 
- Circuses - Overnight retreats
- Color party, foam party or raves - Parades*
- Concerts or Music Festivals*  - Political events (except fundraising auctions,
- Events - involving rap, hip-hop, alternative benefits, dances, dinners)
or techno/DJ - Pumpkin chuckin events
- Events held on an airport premises - Rodeos*
- Events honoring national and/or local celebrities - Seances
or professional athletes - Tailgating events*
- Events involving any motorized vehicle(s) in, or while in - ​Tractor pulls
​practice for, or while being prepared for, or while qualifying​-​Union meetings
​for, or while testing for any racing, speed, demolition,​-​Walks/running events*
​distance, or stunting activity 
​-​Food eating contests
*Please contact us for coverage options for these types of events.​ ​ ​ ​

Coverages Available & Program Highlights

Commercial General Liability
- Personal and Advertising Injury    
- Medical Expense    
- Damage To Premises Rented to You    
- Products-Completed Operations    

Notable Exclusions

- Abuse, molestation, harassment, or sexual conduct - Designated operations exclusion - those events listed
- Aircraft/hot air balloon - ownership, operation, as ineligible
maintenance or use - E-commerce consulting
- Airport - ownership, operation, maintenance or use - Events held at multiple locations
- Amusement devices-the ownership, operation, - Events with over 3,000 in total attendance 
maintenance or use of: any mechanical - Fireworks
  or non-mechanical ride, slide, water slide, - Fungi or bacteria
  any inflatable recreational device, any bungee - Lead
  operation or equipment, any vertical device - Nuclear energy
  or equipment used for climbing - either permanently - Performers
affixed or temporarily erected, or dunk tank.  - Petting zoos
  Amusement devices do not include any video or - Room and board liability
  or computer games or structures that are not designed - Saddle animals - ownership, operation, maintenance, use
to bounce on, slide on, ride on or tunnel through loading or unloading of any saddle animal, including but
- Animals - injury or death to any animal; injury, death not limited to, riding any saddle animal or riding on any
or property damage caused by any animal owned, vehicle which is drawn or powered by any animal
rented or hired by you - Snowmobile
- Asbestos
- Claims arising out of the operations of concessionaires,
exhibitors and vendors at your event
Preliminary Underwriting Information Required
The following information is required 10 business days prior to the desired effective date:
- Completed and signed enrollment form
- Full premium payment by check or credit/debit card