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This program is designed for U.S.-based clubs and or groups conducting youth or adult non-sport activities. Coverage provided includes important liability protection for the organization, including its employees and volunteers, for liability claims arising out of its operations. For those clubs or groups specifically reported to and approved by the company, covered operations consist of your scheduled, sanctioned, organized and supervised activities in which your members participate and that are directly related to the specific common interest or goal for which the club or group is formed. Coverage is also provided for member activities such as meetings, registrations, parades in which the insured participates, picnics, banquets and ceremonies. Coverage for activities not related directly to the club's common interest must be pre-reported and approved.

Eligible Operations
​-​Amateur youth robotic or STEM clubs (grades 8 and below only)-​​Game or card (non-gambling)
- Art - Garden
- Bird watching - Genealogy
- Book - History
- Calligraphy - Model train or model car clubs
- Collector - Needlework
- Computers - Peer support groups (no professional or licensed facilitators)
- Cooking - Puppetry  
- Craft making - Scrap booking
- Cultural
Coverages Available & Program Highlights:    
General Liability Optional Coverages Available
- Products-completed operations Aggregate - Equipment & Contents (Inland Marine)
- Personal & Advertising Injury - Abuse, Molestation, Harassment or Sexual Conduct
- Damage to Premises Rented to You Defense Cost Reimbursement Coverage
- Hired Auto and Employers' Nonownership Liability - Directors' & Officers' Liability including Employment
(not provided while in Hawaii) Practices Liability and NEW Cyber Privacy and
- Legal Liability to Participants Client Identity Theft Endorsement
- $5,000 Medical Expense (other than members/participants) - Sexual Abuse or Sexual Molestation Liability
- Medical Payments for Participants (excess) - $100 deductible
- Professional Liability
Risks Not Eligible Under This Program: (Including but not limited to)
 The following operations are not eligible for this program. (Please note, this is not a complete listing of ineligible operations.)
- Acrobatic or circus performing programs - Instruction in first aid, CPR, or life-saving/life guarding
- Addiction support groups - Nutritional and weight loss programs
- Boys or girls clubs - Political activist and/or governmental groups
- Boy scouts or girl scouts - Programs dedicated to discipline, rehabilitation or
- Country Clubs behavior modification
- Dating clubs, programs or organizations - Programs or activities involving animals
- Day care or adult before and/or after school care operations, - Programs or activities that involve weapons or firearms
latch key programs, babysitting or childcare clubs - School accredited classes, programs or clubs
or programs - Senior centers
- Faith based or religious studies - Sports teams, leagues or associations or sporting
- Fitness clubs events/activities
- Fraternities or sororities - Vehicle owner clubs
- Groups under the direction of a professional counselor - Veterans or military organizations (e.g.: American
or therapist   Legion, Elks, Moose, Knights of Columbus)
- Historical battle re-enactment groups - Wine/beer/alcohol clubs
Notable Exclusions
 The following represent only some of the exclusions contained in this policy.
- Abuse, molestation, harassment or sexual conduct - Fireworks
- All operations listed as ineligible - Gambling activities or events
- Amusement devices (e.g.: rides, slides, inflatables, bungees - Haunted attractions
climbing walls, dunk tanks) - Hiking on ungroomed trails or orienteering
- Any events or activities involving or promoting tobacco - In or on water activities
or cannabis - Operation, ownership or management of any
- Asbestos facility or premises, other than while being used
- Communicable Diseases for covered activities
- Employment-related practices - Outside concessionaires and vendors in conjunction
- Events where the insured is required to hold a liquor with your organization
license or permit ​-Room and board liability
​-Events or activities hosted, sponsored or organized by the ​-​​The use of power tools, unmanned aircrafts and combustion
​insured that are open to the public ​​​-Transportation of members/participants ​​​
​-Violation of statutes that govern e-mails, faxes, phone calls,
​or other methods of sending materials or information
Preliminary Underwriting Information Required
- Application
- Coverage will be bound for your requested dates upon receipt and approval of your completed enrollment form and