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Tradeshow Exhibitor Liability Program


Ineligible for this program:

Certain event types are not eligible for coverage by this program. K&K reserves the right to decline any request for coverage.
The ineligible event types include, but are not limited to the following (and are excluded from coverage):
- Alcoholic beverage sales - Animals
- Body piercing or permanent tattooing - Fire safety equipment
- Fireworks sales and displays - Hot wax impressions
- Medical testing Motorsports activities/vehicles in motion
- Nutritional or health supplement products (selling) - On-site equipment rental
- On-site installation/service/repair of products - Oxygen/aromatherapy or massage therapy
- Protective equipment/apparel - Tobacco products
- Toys (for ages 4 & under) - Watercraft exhibits on water
- Weapons sales - Weight loss plans or products (selling)

Coverages Available & Program Highlights

Commercial General Liability
- Each Occurence    
- General Aggregate (other than products –completed operations)    
- Products –completed operations aggregate    
- Personal and Advertising Injury    
- Damage to Premise Rented to You    
- Medical Expense (other than participants)    

Notable Exclusions

- Abuse molestation, harassment, or sexual conduct - Nuclear energy liability
- Aircraft/hot air balloon - ownership, operation, maintenance - Operations of concessionaires
or use - Exhibitors and vendors at your event
- Airport - ownership, operation, maintenance or use - Employment-related practices
- Amusement devices - the ownership, operation, maintenance - Fireworks
  or use of: any mechanical or non-mechanical ride, slide or  - Fungi or bacteria
water slide, any inflatable recreational device, any bungee - Haunted attractions
operation or  equipment, any vertical device or equipment - Lead
  used for climbing - either permanently affixed or - Nuclear energy liability
  temporarily erected, or dunk tank.  Amusement devices do - Operations of concessionaires
not include any video or computer games or structures that - Exhibitors and vendors at your event
  are not designed to bounce on, slide on, ride on or tunnel - Professional Services
  through. - Rodeos
- Animals - injury or death to any animal; injury, death - Room & board liability
or property damage caused by any animal owned, - Saddle animals
rented or hired by you - Snowmobile
- Asbestos - Water hazard
- Commercial general liability standard exclusions  
- Corporal Punishment    
- Fireworks  
- Fungi or Bacteria
Preliminary Underwriting Information Required
The following information is required 10 business days prior to the desired effective date:
- Completed and signed enrollment form - A schedule of events/activities or a brochure for this event
- Full premium payment by check or credit/debit card - Certificates of insurance as per requirements on the