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To be eligible for this program:

The outfitters & guide program must be less than $750,000 and retail cannot exceed 80% of the total receipts, and owned lodging/cabins
cannot exceed 50% of total receipts. The client must have been in business for at least one year or three years equivalent experience to be
eligible. This programs minimum premium is $1,000.

Program Description

The Outfitters & Guides Risk Purchasing Group program has been designed to provide coverage for outfitters having any of the following
combination of activities:

- Backpacking - Livery, shuttle or transport services for your own operations
- Bicycle Rental (Non Stand-Alone) - Owned Lodges/Cabins (must be 50% or less of total revenues)
- Bicycling Tours (guided, less than 50 miles) - Paddlefit
- Campgrounds (must be 50% or less of total revenues) - Paddling schools
- Camping - Paddling/Paddleboarding (includes stand-up paddleboarding)
- Cross Country skiing (must be 20% or less of total revenues) - Retail Sales (must be 80% or less of total revenues)
​-Eco tours​-Shoreline Sailing (less than 1 mile from shore and must be
​-Fishing (guided)10% or less of total revenues)
​-Fishing (non-guided)​-Skimboarding
​-Hiking​-Snorkeling (must be 10% or less of total revenues)
​-Hunting (guided)-​Snowshoeing
-​​Kayak/Canoe/Raft/Tube/Paddle and Surf Board Rental​-​Surfing
​Operations - Class I, II, III rivers, flatwater (non-guided/guided)​-​Windsurfing
- Also covered are the following incidental activities: Retail sales of merchandise and equipment; participation in food/beverage
services; athletic courts; participation in demonstration days, trade shows or events, but only for an activity designated as a
covered activity; equipment rental for activities designated as a covered activity; office exposures for covered activities,
motorized watercraft (less than 250hp) for one of these covered designated activities and camping.
Snorkeling and shoreline sailing must be less than 10% of total receipts.
Liability Coverage & Limits
General Liability​ ​​ ​Equipment & Contents
- General Aggregate Limit  $5,000,000 - $250-$1,000 deductible (depends on limits)
- Personal & Advertising Injury - General Liability coverage must be purchased in
- Damage to Premises Rented to You conjunction with the Equipment & Contents
- Medical Payments EXCLUDED - All items must be insured to 100% replacement
​-​Products-Completed Operations Aggregate Limit​cost value
​-​Each Occurrence Limit up to $3,000,000​-​No single item valued over $5,000 individually
Notable Exclusions
- Abuse & molestation - Injury or death to animals
- Aircraft/hot air balloon - Land sailing/sand yachting
- Airport - Motorized vehicles
- All skiing (except cross-country/telemark/snowshoeing) - Mountaineering (including mountain biking and rock/ice climbing)
- Amusement device (arising out of the ownership, operation, - Professional Liability
maintenance or use of any "amusement device") For purposes - Public storage operations
of this exclusion, "amusement device" means any device or - Ropes/challenge courses
equipment a person rides for enjoyment, including, but not limited - Sailboat racing and stunting
to, any mechanical or non-mechanical ride, slide, or water slide - Securities and financial interest
including any ski or tow when used in connection with a water slide, - Snow sled (arising out of the ownership, operation, maintenance,
moonwalk or moon bouce, bungee operation or equipment. use, loading or unloading of any equipment or device used for
"Amusement device" does not include ay video arcade or computer game. snow sledding, including but not limited to, any inflatable tube,
- Any water related activities conducted more than one mile from shore saucer, sled, toboggan or bobsled. This exclusion does not apply
- Archery/skeet/trap/pistol ranges when such equipment or device is used by you, your employee or
- Asbestos ski patrol to provide emergency rescue or first aid)
- ATV - Snowmobiles (arising out of the ownership, operating, maintenance,
- Bouldering use, loading or unloading of any snowmobile)
- Bungee - Special events sponsored by the insured
​-Canyoneering​-Sponsorship of races including but not limited to adventure races
​-Class IV and V whitewater rivers​(including but not limited to the participation in or sponsoring of any
​-​Climbing/rappelling man made structures​Mud Runs or Tough Mudder Events)
​-​Climbing walls​-​Stand-alone bicycle rental
​-​Employment practices​-​Stand-alone pontoon/boat rental
​-​Equine/saddle animals​-​Stand-alone ski equipment rental
​-​Fireworks​-​Watercraft/powerboats when testing, stunting, racing or practicing
​-​Fungus​-​Zip Lines
​-​Ice climbing
- Indoor rock climbing gyms

Preliminary Underwriting Information Required

The following information is required 10 business days prior to the desired effective date:
- Completed and signed enrollment form - Certificates of insurance as per requirements on the
- Full premium payment by check or credit/debit card enrollment form