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Private School K12 Accident Medical Insurance

Purchase option is currently not available via the website.
Please contact Serena McMullen or Cheryl Norris
at 855-742-3135 to enroll in the program.

Mandatory At-School Student Accident Plan designed for Private (Non-Boarding) Schools.  Extended coverage is also available through our Catastrophic Accident Medical Plan. 
Coverage can include all activities conducted under the supervision of the School.  Program includes optional coverage for overnight field trips or interscholastic sports for grades 7-12 (including football).  Group or team travel to or from a covered activity conducted under the supervision of the School is a covered activity.

No list or roster form is required for mandatory coverage because all participants in each coverage option must be insured.
Ineligible Operations:
-Public Schools
-Private Boarding Schools 
-Schools With Annual Tuition Less than $1,000

Coverage Limits

At-School Accident Coverage - Basic
Maximum Limit: $25,000 per injury per individual
 Accidental Death & Specific Loss:
-  Death:$ 20,000
 -  Specific Loss: $ 20,000
NY ONLY: $10,000 Death and $25,000 Specific Loss   
 -  Deductible:$ 0
  Benefit Period:  1 Year (3 Years in KS, NY, OR)   
Plan 1   
-Reasonable & Customary:100%
Plan 2
-Reasonable & Customary:70%
​      ​
Type of Coverage:
Excess (secondary) Coverage - Accident Only
Catastrophic Accident Coverage - Extended
Maximum Limit:$1,000,000 per injury per individual
 Accidental Death & Specific Loss:  
-  Death:

$  10,000

-  Specific Loss:$ 10,000
Deductible:$ 25,000
Benefit Period:  10 Years
Reasonable & Customary:100%
Type of Coverage:
Excess (secondary) Coverage - Accident Only
Additional Programs Available Online  (coverage documents are generated immediately upon payment)
Coverage provided under the following programs include important liability protection, including its employees and volunteers, for liability
claims arising out of its operations.  Medical Payments for Participants is included with this coverage.​
Youth Sports Camps & Clinics
Amateur Sports Teams, Leagues & Associations
Amateur Sports Tournaments & Events