Special Event Insurance

Insurance for special events including concerts, conventions, and other large gatherings

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K&K’s Special Event Insurance program offers coverage for a variety of large events. From banquets to bazaars and charity events to trade shows, our event coverage is trusted by thousands of event organizers across the U.S. every year.

•    For smaller events with 12,000 or fewer attendees, please visit our Short-Term Event insurance program page

•    Minimum Premium for General Liability: $2,500

•    Minimum Premium for Package Coverage: $5,000

Did you Know?

•    Over 70 years of underwriting and claims resolution experience in the sports, leisure and entertainment insurance industry.

•    Over 9,000 insurance agents across the U.S. place business with K&K. No appointment is required and there are no mandatory premium levels.

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Insuring fun is our business; since 1952, K&K has offered coverage solutions for motorsports, sports, leisure and entertainment organizations. Let’s get started; click the button below and apply now!

Why choose K&K?

  • Longevity
    Celebrating over 70 years of providing customized insurance solutions 

  • Stability
    Insuring more than 350,000 events and organizations each year 

  • Experience
    Offering over 80 sports, leisure, recreation, and motorsports programs
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