TULIP Insurance for Facilities

K&K’s Tenant User Liability Insurance Program offers a convenient way for tenants, who are hosting special events at certain facilities, to obtain event liability coverage. 

TULIP Insurance for Facilities

To apply for TULIP insurance for your special event, please click the Apply Online button above.  If you do not see your facility listed, please visit our short-term event program page to apply for insurance.  

If you are a facility and do not currently have a policy for your tenants with us, please download the Tenant User Liability Insurance Program Facility Underwriting Questionnaire PDF application, complete it, and return. If you have any questions about TULIP Insurance, please call our office at 877-648-6404.  

Our Tenant User Liability Insurance Program is designed for owners of premises and facilities like banquet halls or churches that are rented or leased to tenants for short-term special events that meet the following criteria: 

  • Maximum total attendance is 3,000 or less. 
  • Maximum number of consecutive event days (not including set-up or tear-down) is 10. 
  • The event is held at a single location. 
  • Event location is in the United States. 

How the Program Works: 

  • A policy will be issued for the facility owner through the Sports, Leisure and Entertainment Risk Purchasing Group to cover special events hosted at their facility by their tenants 
  • Tulip insurance coverage applies only when a facility is being rented to and being used by tenants, users, or lessees for short-term special events that are specifically endorsed to the policy. 
  • Certificates of insurance will be emailed to the insured and the agent if applicable. 
  • The tenant, user, or lessee is the named insured on the policy.  Coverage limits apply separately to each tenant, user, or lessee added to the policy.  The facility owner/operator is named as an additional insured on the policy at no additional charge. 
  • This is a pre-reporting program.  Each tenant, user, or lessee is required to purchase coverage prior to the inception of the event. 
  • The expected attendance will determine the premium for each event being held at the facility.  Premiums are per event and per total attendance.  An event is considered 10 consecutive days or less.  Nonconsecutive event days are considered separate events.

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Please click on the link below to download an application. Depending on your browser settings, the application may download directly to your computer without opening. Please check your download folder to find the PDF application document. 

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