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Outfitters & Guides Insurance - RPG



To be eligible for this program:

The outfitters & guides gross receipts must be less than $750,000, retail cannot exceed 80% of the total receipts, and owned lodging/cabins cannot exceed 50% of total receipts. The client must have been in business for at least one year or three years equivalent experience to be eligible. This programs minimum premium is $1,000.

If not eligible for this particular program, check out our more complex Outfitters & Guides Program or contact K&K at 1-800-440-5580 to speak with an underwriter.

Program Description

The Outfitters & Guides Risk Purchasing Group program has been designed to provide general liability and inland marine coverage for outfitters having any of the following combination of activities:

-Backpacking-Owned lodges/Cabins
-Bicycling Tours (less than 50 miles)-Paddleboarding
​-​Bicycle Rental (Non Stand-Alone)​-Paddlefit
-Camping/Owned campgrounds-Paddling schools
-Cross-country skiing-Retail sales
-Eco Tours-Skimboarding
-Fishing (guided)-Shoreline sailing
-Hiking (guided)-Snorkeling
-Hunting (guided)-Snowshoeing
-Kayak/Canoe/Tube/Paddle & Surf Board Rental Operations-Surfing
Class I, II, III rivers, flatwater (non-guided/guided)​-Windsurfing
-Also covered are the following Incidental activities: Retail sales of merchandise and equipment; participation for food/beverage
services; athletic courts; participation in demonstration days, trade shows or events, but only for an activity designated as a
covered activity; equipment rental for activities designated as a covered activity; office exposures for covered activities,
motorized watercraft (less than 250hp) for one of these covered designated activities and camping.
Snorkeling and shoreline sailing must be less than 10% of total receipts.
Coverages Available:

General Liability

Equipment & Contents
-General Aggregate Li​m​​it up to $ 3,000,000 -$250-$1,000 deductible (depends on limits)
-Personal & Advertising Injury $ 1,000,000-General Liability coverage must be purchased in
-Fire Damage Limit $ 300,000-conjunction with the Equipment & Contents
-Medical Payments EXCLUDED-All items must be insured to 100% replacement
-Products-Completed Operations Aggregate Limitcost value
$2,000,000-no single item valued over $5,000 individually
-Each Occurrence Limit up to $3,000,000
Notable Exclusions
-Abuse & molestation-Motorized vehicles
-Aircraft/hot air balloon-Mountaineering, bouldering, rock climbing
-Airport-Nuclear energy
-All skiing (except cross-country/telemark/snowshoeing)-Professional liability for skills assessment and certification
-Amendment of other insurance clauseof students
-Amusement device-Public storage operations
-Archery/skeet/trap/pistol ranges-Rodeo performers
-Asbestos-Ropes/challenge courses
-ATV-Sailboat racing and stunting
-Bungee-Securities & financial interest
-Class IV, V whitewater exposures-Snow sleds/snowmobiles
-Climbing walls, indoor rock climbing gyms-Special events sponsored by the insured
-Coverage territory-trade sanctions-Sponsorship of races including but not limited to adventure races
-Employment practices-Stand-alone bike rental
-Equine/saddle animals-Stand-alone pontoon/Boat rental
-Field of entertainment-Stand-alone ski equipment rental
-Fungus-Watercraft/powerboats when testing, stunting, racing,
-Injury or death to animalsor practicing
-​Lead paint

Preliminary Underwriting Information Required

The following information is required 10 business days prior to the desired effective date:
-Completed and signed enrollment form-Certificates of insurance as per requirements on the
-Full premium payment by check or credit/debit cardenrollment form